Dating a daddys girl

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To me, being a daddy’s girl simply means that I’m close to my father and that we share a special and deep bond.We may not talk about any and everything under the sun, but he encourages both my independence and desire to follow my dreams in a way that only a father can. On the flip side, the biggest impediment to being a daddy’s girl is that I’m picky with the men I allow in my life. I don’t knowingly or automatically compare the men I date to my father because Lord knows I’m not looking for a paternal relationship of the Woody Allen kind. Consequently, I have certain expectations, and little patience (especially the older I get) for men who lack basic common sense and decency.[Read: 11 types of girls you should avoid falling for at all costs] #2 She calls him before she calls you.You will never be as smart, worldly, or intelligent as the big man in her eyes.

A relationship that can suffer when unnecessary competition for said mama’s boy’s time and affection is spurred between the woman who birthed him and his significant other.[Read: 6 practical ways to *put up* deal with difficult in-laws] #5 She is used to being spoiled. Whether it is all of your time, all of your money, or anything really, she not only expects it, she certainly won’t ever appreciate it. Like a two-year-old, if she doesn’t get what she wants, she carries on, makes it a huge deal, loses her shit, or just stops talking to you. Talking in her baby voice, rubbing up against you, or calling you stupid nicknames might not be cute to you, but she thinks everything she does is absolutely adorable because to daddy it always has been.There is no behavior too infantile or unacceptable for a daddy’s girl. [Read: 10 flirty moves girls think are cute buy guys totally hate] #8 All eyes on me.And while it’s not always applauded or appreciated, I’m proud to call myself a daddy’s girl.I was lucky enough to be the second daughter in my family. That poses problems not just for women of daddies who favored the chosen one which wasn’t her, but especially for the guys who put up with the chosen’s nonsense for a lifetime. Since their father is such an adoring fan, they think every man in their world thinks they are just as awesome.

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