Dating a girl with an std

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So, if you have the clap and you spread it around, is it called applause? Yo mama so dumb she thought grape nuts was a venereal disease Knock Knock Who's There? Then he returned to America and one morning he woke up and noticed bright green and purple dots on his man freaked out. The doctor said "I have never seen anything like this before.

What board game to promiscuous people like to play? What do you get when you cross Raggedy Ann with the Pillsbury doughboy? A teen girl walks into a medical clinic and tells the doctor she has "Bieber Fever" Doctor: Nope it is Herpes! Chinese Sex There was an american man who lived in China and when he was there he had a lot of sex and never used a condom the entire time he was there.

She has more crabs than Red Lobster Did you hear about the book about STDs? The man came back in 3 days and the doctor said "I have some bad have a disease called pongolion HP. Amber: No, then he took off my panties, and put his you know what in my you know where.

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He went to a Chinese doctor thinking he would know more about it. the doctor said, "I have good news and bad news." "What's the bad news? What could possibly be good news." "She didn't get it from you." Father and Son A father and son went to see a doctor since the father was getting very ill. " So out comes the wallet again and he gives her another 0.

It was important, she said, for kids this age to be aware of their bodies in order to be able to keep themselves safe.

Not to mention, she added, that I would be the only kid to have to leave the classroom and go to the library while the course was in progress.

And that, as I've learned first-hand, can adversely affect one's relationships and health.

Now in my forties, I can honestly say that my inability to talk about sex has led to some risky behavior throughout my life.

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