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"Despite the proposed changes, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act will still present barriers to people who have put their offending behind them, particularly those who have served four or more years in prison.

"We will therefore continue to work with the Government and our partners to secure lasting change." The changes were revealed as Mr Clarke risked the anger of grass roots Tories after declaring that long prison terms do not cut reoffending.

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It has romance, comedy, action, and Dana Carvey is adorable!

Lord Mc Nally, the Justice minister, said: "First and foremost, criminals must be suitably punished for their crimes.

"But it is no good for anyone if they go to jail and come out and then can't get an honest job and so turn back to crime again.

Dana Carvey (Wayne's World), Valeria Golino (Rain Man), James Earl Jones (A Family Thing), Kevin Pollak (The Usual Suspects) and Michael Murphy (Magnolia) star in "the brightest comedy to grace the big screen in years" (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)! Pogue attempts to put the pieces of the caseand his lifeback in order with the help of a tape recorder and an eye-patched pooch.

Pogue (Carvey) has developed a rare case of amnesia that causes him to forget all the details of his life each time he falls asleep. He's also the key witness in the murder trial of a dangerous mobsterand he can't remember the guy, the crime or even his own name!

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