Dating vintage ludwig drums

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They are my 'go to' drums and my 2nd favorite set. I have 3 different 60s Luddies..of them with 22's and one with 20". I feel like the legacy is a good mix because it still has the tone, but adds a little cut and projection.

(Favorite is a 1968 Luddie clear ints 22/13/16 w/rail.) Totally different sound than the RCs, imo, I wouldn't subjectively say better, but different. My old kits are great but none of them are in mint shape. It would be nice to have something new like that, but I may not need it either. I've got a couple of those also, plus a Transition Badge late 50's kit. After reading this thread I decided to set up my Legacy kit as I haven't had them out of the cases for a while.

The use of tube lugs would remain unchanged until 1935-1936, when Ludwig (now owned by G. Conn) introduced their new Imperial or Streamline snare drum lug casing.

Thus, the Knob Tension drums proved to be a failure and never caught on with drummers of the early 1950s. All top of the line Ludwig bass drums and tom toms were fitted with Classic tension casings, with the exception of large concert models and lower line, budget priced Club Date models.

These lugs came in a few different colors and contained metal interior parts. The Bake-Lite lug was quite fragile and this experiment did not last long! After the war was over, drum production gradually resumed and the post-war drums were basically the same as the early 1940s products with no major hardware changes.

Below are some images from the first post-war 1948 catalog: drums with a few Ludwig & Ludwig hardware pieces.

The Legacy sets are a lot more 'lively' sounding, maybe a little more musical. I have a set I got in 2009 ( Liverpool 4 set in vintage OBP) with the 100th. My kit is a Downbeat configuration 20,12,14,14 8 lug snare with P86, mini classic lugs on the 12" tom, large classic lugs on the kick and floor tom.

I have played Classic Rock gigs and Big Band gigs with these and they worked perfectly for both. I would love to get some additional drums to go with this , maybe a 20 bass, 12" mounted tom and 14" floor tom then I could cover any conceivable gig I could see myself doing.

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