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Even though college roommate relationships are more likely to be good ones than not-so-good ones, there are always situations where things aren't working out for the best. You're glad when your roommate isn't around.

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We asked the experts about what to keep in mind if you do decide to find a roommate online, and why it's not always the best option.

You're secretly hoping things get bad enough that your roommate moves out.

When you're in a situation with conflict, there are often two major choices: fix the conflict, or fix the situation.

But officially quitting on making an effort to repair -- or at least improve -- your relationship and/or your situation is never a good sign.7. Respect in a roommate relationship comes in all forms; you and your roommate should respect each other's space, time, things, and relationships -- not to mention each other as people.

But if things have degenerated to the point where you just don't care or respect anything about your roommate, your situation definitely needs some help.

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