I kissed dating goodbye discussion questions

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Also note that blind dates are almost non-existent in France.

But also note that all of those things have been changing a lot in recent years because of internet dating that has become extremely popular in France, and especially in Paris. So if a French woman says no when you ask her out (or anything else), it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to go out with you, it means she’s playing hard to get, and you’ll have to ask several times.

OK, it doesn’t work for everything (even in France, telling your girlfriend she looks fat in that dress is a big no no), but overall, French people are much more open and upfront than Americans.

Keep that in mind when you’re in a relationship with a French person, whether it is about what they say or about what you say (or rather what you don’t dare to say).

Even if things are far from perfect, they have a much healthier and more casual approach to sex.

In France, there is no such thing as wondering after how many dates it’s OK to have sex, no such thing as “no sex on the first date, that means you’re easy” and so on…

And more important, people that are dating will kiss at the first date and regularly after that, even if they don’t think/feel that they are in a relationship, even if they see other people. Well, kissing while completely wasted is somewhat OK, but will sometimes become very embarrassing the following day, depending on who kissed who.

In France, it’s OK to offend people, or rather, it’s the offended responsibility to be offended or not, not the offender’s one.

So, don’t be afraid to be honest for fear of offending the person.

In the US, I’ve had some first dates going great and everything went south afterwards because the girl felt I was calling too much, pretty much harassing her. I remember a few years ago, the last time I had a French (female) roommate. One day, she was all worried and stressed and pissed because he hadn’t called/emailed/messaged in about 8 hours!

In France, if a guy calls a girl a lot, it means he cares. For her there was one possible explanation: he didn’t care about her.

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