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Marketplace Manager harnesses the JETNET database of 100,000 aircraft, along with their owners and operators.

Contact management and lead generation tools are designed to streamline the efforts of salespeople to more quickly identify prospects and complete deals.

A CRM (Customer Resource Manager) and much more, Marketplace Manager is offered as a complement to the Evolution interface, to exponentially boost the utility one can make of the vast JETNET aircraft database and market intelligence it contains.

“It’s revolutionary in that it offers the aircraft salesperson a suite of clever and convenient tools to manage their sales prospects, and a way to be very precisely targeted in their sales efforts,” said Josh Pitts, JETNET Director of Sales for the USA.

Changes and upgrades include an improved data export module, a new folder management feature, new user analytics functions to gauge how often your aircraft is being viewed on JETNET, and account administrator tools to oversee those with access to your JETNET account.

JETNET’s flagship Evolution software suite features an intuitive and customizable graphical user interface so subscribers can view charts, tables and selective information, depending on their needs.

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