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Instead of using an outside arranger for the strings (as she did on her previous album), Sill did all of the work herself.Her lack of formal training and the immense amount of orchestral overdubs certainly would have made such an outing a hardship for anyone. studio musicians solidifies Sill’s unique brand country-flavored pop, which moves from introspective meanderings to loping rock, often within a single song.” 2LP (4M 809LP) 27.00 “Originally released in 1971, Live-Evil is one of Davis’ most extraordinary records.New 3by3 signing JK Flesh gets his first label outing.

CD (50 004CD) 15.50 This is the debut album from the two Anstam brothers.The inimitable Ancient Methods emerge for the first time on CD, providing a 9-minute slab of industrial techno bass weight to get folks dancing like they mean it.Planet Mu’s Legion Of Two make their first appearance since their 2009 album Riffs, adding their distinctive sound of live drums and tough electronics.Dead Fader return to home listening format following their 2010 debut album Corrupt My Examiner and a succession of international live shows.Latvian producer Oyaarss puts his unique spin on “Sixmenace Two,” promising a lot from his debut full-length.

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