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(Research states that 3G phones will increase the use of these services).

Text message spam is to your cell phone what email spam is to your personal computer.When I give my number, I'd prefer someone just call.If I don't answer, leave a message--like we used to do back in the day. If I give my number and say it is ok to call, then it is ok to call. When I give a guy my number, I usually tell him to give me a call and when it's the best time to call. I hate texting and I think it's a horrible way to attempt to get to know someone. Having that said...is where us girls toad in the curve ball....don't call all day long, text. After the initial call, I like to hear from the guy through out the day, but such a quick ” good morning, hows you're day, good night” text, doesn't require a phone call. But if she doesn't tell you what to do with the number, my vote is to call. People of the younger generation text one another when they are sitting together at a table. The only text you need to ever send would be asking when a good time to CALL would actually be.

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