Trigger updating another table

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I removed a cursor from one of our triggers and improved the insert of 40,000 records from 40 minutes to seconds. Use an insert using a select rather than a values clause instead.

i have two tables Order(id, date, note) and Delivery(Id, Note, Date) I want to create a trigger that updates the date in Delivery when the date is updated in Order.

I want to create a trigger which updates or insert values into Test Table2 as I insert values into Test Table. Date)))) THEN INSERT INTO Test Table2 (Item Id, Year, Month, Open, Close, Increase ) VALUES (NEW.

This is what the trigger i tried to create looked like, CREATE TRIGGER 'month Update Trigger' AFTER INSERT ON Test Table BEGIN IF NOT (EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Test Table2 WHERE (Item Id=NEW.

I have read Trigger procedure documentation but i have not really grasped how to build the functions.

, which contains tens of thousands of rows of data.

This table is used heavily by legacy applications and unfortunately cannot be modified (no columns can be added, removed, or modified).

A properly normalized design would hold DELIVERY_DATE on only one table: DELIVERY seems teh logical place for it. Date)) END IF; END; You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your My SQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'BEGIN IF NOT (EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Test Table WHERE (Item Id=NEW. Date))); IF @COUNT=0 THEN INSERT INTO Test Table2 (Item Id, Year, Month, Open, Close, Increase ) VALUES (NEW. Close,0.0); ELSE UPDATE Test Table2 SET Test Table2. It is displayed as 11/05/2014 so something is not working right somewhere. My ID’s for each table are: Please do not put code samples or sample data into comments - since you cannot format it, it's extremely hard to read it.... Transheaders AFTER UPDATE AS IF UPDATE(Trading Date) BEGIN UPDATE c SET ZLast Sale = i.

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