Updating portage gentoo

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That happens because new x11-base/xorg-server doesn't support USE-flag "-hal" anymore, and try to use HAL and "evdev" driver instead of kbd/mouse drivers defined in The fix is either switch to start using HAL, evdev, …This means that we change from the current installation environment (Live CD or other installation medium) to your installation system (namely the initialized partitions). First we will change the root from Congratulations!You are now inside your own Gentoo Linux environment.

For instance, some programs can be compiled with gtk-support, or with qt-support.

Many buildsystems would break subtly if Gentoo tried to support rebuilding incrementally.

And, in many cases, one would have to re-run be rebuilt to see the new values—unless you can somehow figure that certain source files wouldn’t need to be recompiled because they don’t reference a particular C preprocessor macro.

Portage will be updated for you later on during the installation.

Configuring the USE variable is one of the most powerful variables Gentoo provides to its users.

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